Indian Oil Stores is one of the main leading engine oil dealers in Coimbatore and Multi Brand Lubricant oil Dealers in coimbatore  for the past ten years in Coimbatore. We are managing real Brands of Castrol, Servo,(IOC), Hindustan Petroleum, ELF, Agip, Bharath Petroleum(Mak), Mobil, Shell, and Moly Coat Greases, OKS Food Grade Greases, ONWO Synthetic and Food Grade Products and so on. From the above said driving marked companies.

we are managing Multi-Grade Engine Oil 20W40 and 15W40 Hydraulic Oil – 32.46,68 Grades, Gear Oils 90,140,220,320,460, Grades, Compressor Oils, Refrigeration Oils, Transformer Oils and so forth. We are one of the real providers for Construction Groups, Leading Star Hotels, Wind Mill Sites. Distilleries and Beverages Companies.

Our organization is look in productively, capable and gainfully in the supply of oil and oil items to take care of the world’s developing demand for vitality. We are eminent as one of the main grease providers in and around Tamil Nadu, since the previous 7 yrs. We have been providing different levels of engine oil dealers in coimbatore, multi-brand greases to the Government, Industrial Circles, Power Projects, Distilleries, Beverages, Ready Mix Concrete Plants, Leading Garments, Granite Export Units, Star Hotels and Civil Engineering Constructions, and so forth.

These parts in which we include consistently require a wide assortment of oil that we supply. We supply various evaluations of Hydraulic oil, all multi evaluations of Engine oil, Grease oil, Machine oil, Compressor oil and Bearing oil. Our item extend incorporates Industrial Lubricating Oil, Metal Working Oil, Industrial Specialty Oil, Industrial Grease and Other Specialty Oil.

Our organization is to meet the vitality needs of the general public and Indian oil store a good manner that are monetary, socially and naturally attainable, today as well as later on. We endeavor to accomplish elevated requirement of execution, in this manner keeping up a solid long haul and a consistently developing position in the focused environment in which we work.

We work in close co-operation with our clients to have the capacity to propel more productive and maintainable utilization of vitality and characteristic assets. Our excitement and client bolster have earned us many presumed customers from top Companies. We have secured an arrangement of prominent, quality cognizant customers through our inventive and novel product offering. We are the main engine oil dealers in coimbatore to all real oil organizations.

Focused Edge

We have a engine oil dealers in Coimbatore and Lubricant oil Dealers in Coimbatore.indian oil stores stock in specialized modernity for high caliber and practical items. Our group comprises of committed experts with years of involvement in their particular fields. The organization has confidence in total consumer loyalty through its quality items. The results of the organization are ensuring for long life and strength. The organization takes after aggregate quality administration standards.



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